E3 2015 Day 2 Thoughts (ft. Kanye West)

I should start by stating that I’ve been paying attention to the Gamespot live stage demos and the Nintendo Treehouse for my information and impressions.

Uncharted 4 seems to be adding the jeep to the repertoire of Drake, along with the rope which was shown off in November.  The demo shown at the Sony conference had the jeep, I just thought that was a one level thing, but apparently it’ll help you solve puzzles in the game.  I’m a fan on adding depth to the puzzles of the game.  Hopefully it controls well and feels natural, which is what my worry is about Arkham Knight, which comes out next week.  Oh, by the way Kanye West played Uncharted 4 today.

Remember that one time when I was like “Star Fox Zero should have online play, that could totally save that game?”  It doesn’t.  What more I read and saw of it today, it seems ham-fisted.  There seems to be a ton of reused dialogue from Star Fox 64.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the lines from that game, but that is not what I want.  One of the reasons I liked Star Fox Assault was because it was a new and fresh entry into the series.  I want new experiences with this franchise, not the same one over and over.

I finally got to see Genei Ibun Roku #FE.  That can’t be the western title, can it?  I’d imagine not, but they seem to be running with it during this E3.  Regardless, that game looks fantastic and instantly jumped to one of my most anticipated games of next year.  The idea of a Shin Megami Tensei game crossed with a Fire Emblem game was really intriguing, I’m a fan of both of those franchises.  I expected it to be a SMT game with FE characters or something along those lines, but this is a totally unique, new game.  It seems like a new IP, but I’m not sure if they’re saying it is.  The gameplay looks just like a SMT game and if it’s fully built for the Wii U, I am so down for that.

I don’t know what to call For Honor.  Hand-to-hand melee, sword fighting simulator?  After seeing more of it in action today, I really want to play it.  A four on four battle in that game seems perfect, as things won’t be too hectic, and allows for more grandeur battles.  I want to have a 5 minute sword battle against another person, who doesn’t?  My only concern is the online community for that game.  I feel like a game like that has to have a solid, consistent online user base to make it fun, battles against AI controlled characters won’t have the same effect.

Nintendo showed off quite a lengthy gameplay demo of Xenoblade Chronicles X, in Japanese, unfortunately.  That game looks like the most ambitious Wii U title to date.  The most appealing factor of this game to me is the mech and space gameplay, which looks stunning.  My only concern was the human gameplay, which is what this demo focused on.  After seeing this demo, my concern is gone.  Everything looks great, gathering materials for upgrades and special weapons seem to play a huge role in the game, which I’m okay with, as it adds depth.  The only thing that had me scratching my head was the combat.  There were several icons on the screen, similar to what you’d see while playing an MMO, and I never heard them explain what they do, or how the combat works.  There seems to be a ton of customization options for your character including armor, stats, and abilities.  Oh and the creature designs look fantastic, I just really enjoy the design of this game altogether.

That’s it for day three (technically two).  Not much, but these games really gave me some strong impressions after today.  Stay tuned for tomorrow, the final day of E3 2015. 


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