Favorite Cover Art from the NES, SNES, Genesis, and Game Boy

When I was younger, before the internet was the necessity and utility it is now, there really was no way to tell what you were going to get when you bought a game.  Sure, you could get your hands on whatever gaming magazine was available, but even then a lot was left up in the air.  I remember my cousin being super excited to get a copy of Mario is Missing, he thought it was a continuation of Super Mario World.  Needless to say, hearts were broken.  

Covert art for video games were possibly the biggest way to sell your game at the time, as it was all consumers really had to go on.  I literally judged a game by its cover as a kid, along with several others.  Sometimes it paid off, sometimes not.  Years later tons of these cover arts are burned into my head.  Some are great, some are stupid, and some just make me feel nostalgic. 

For a while now I have wanted to compile a list of all my favorite cover art and what better spot to do than on my blog?  I will say that most of these I pulled from my brain, I did browse a few galleries trying to refresh my memory though.  This list is in no way a “best” cover art, just my personal favorites from my childhood.




Game Boy


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