Favorite Cover Art from the Game Boy Color and N64

I was surprised by how many ports the Game Boy Color had.  Almost every GBC game was also on the N64.  Not to mention, I hardly remember getting any GBC games as a kid.  I guess Pokemon Silver was all I needed, can you blame me?

The N64 was a different story though.  It’s the system I remember the cover-art for most fondly.  I spent hours upon hours analyzing the front and backs of the boxes at my local rental store while my mom looked for God knows what on the other side of the shop.

It was interesting to look back at these games and to find some I don’t even remember, but seeing the cover brought everything back to me.  I saw covers for games I still haven’t played and caught myself thinking “Huh, I should give that a shot.”  It still has its effect over me.

Oh, and Shadows of the Empire might be my all-time favorite cover, along with favorite subtitle.

Game Boy Color



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