E3 2015 Day 0 Thoughts (Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony)

The single greatest day for video games ever.


Microsoft led the day off with Halo 5 Guardians.  My interest in Halo has dwindled over the last few years, but this gameplay looked really sharp and fun to me.  They brought back the squad based combat from Halo Reach, which I really enjoyed.  I thought those extra characters added to the emotion of the story more than any of the other Halo entries.  The campaign is split between a Spartan squad led by Commander Locke, who I know next to nothing about, and another squad led by Master Chief.  This demo showcased the Locke squad and it looked very impressive.  After showing off a small mission, a new multiplayer mode was introduced, it appeared to be your team vs. everybody, other humans and AI alike, in a huge, hellacious war ground.  I thought that was an interesting take on the tried and true Halo multiplayer.

After Halo, a new IP was announced in Recore, which is a fantastic title.  No gameplay was shown, but it did get my attention.

Then came my biggest take away from the Microsoft conference, the Xbox One will soon be able to play certain Xbox 360 games, both physical and digital, for no extra cost.  Not the entire library of 360 games, but quite a few with more certainly coming as they stated it is up to the developers to decide if they want it to be backwards compatible or not.  It seems like Microsoft is going to bundle last-gen games with upcoming games to help build that backlog.  For example, it was announced you would receive a free copy of Fallout 3 when you purchase Fallout 4, and Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 when you purchase Siege.

Todd Howard took to the stage and showed off what seemed like the exact same Fallout 4 demo from last night until halfway through, then finally we got some new content.  It was announced that Fallout 4 will have mod support for Xbox One (and later confirmed for PS4 as well).  PC, Xbox One, and PS4 will all have access to the same mods too, which is great.

I think mod support is a huge step forward for console gaming that may have gotten overlooked.  Not only is the mod support a step forward, but Microsoft also announced their own version of Steam Greenlight.  Gaming consoles and PC’s are quickly fusing into one and I am all for that.


Rare Replay was announced, which features 30 of the greatest Rare games of all time, like Battletoads, Banjo-Kazooie, Blast Corps, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day.  It’s great to finally have those back (even though most were available on the shop) but this felt like Microsoft’s way of saying “okay please stop bugging us about these IPs take this and shut up.”

Hololens was up next and was quite impressive as far as VR goes.  Until I hear a price point from any of the different pieces of hardware, be it Rift, Hololens, or Morpheus, I won’t get excited.  It looked like a neat toy though. 

Lastly was the reveal of Gears 4 in a gameplay demo that was incredibly dark.  It’s more Gears.  Take that how you will.

Overall Xbox had a pretty good conference.  The addition of backwards compatibility makes me somewhat interested in owning an Xbox One now as opposed to the total indifference I had towards it prior to the show.


Next on the agenda was the EA conference, which could have been canceled and still would have been better than last years.

EA led off the show by announcing Mass Effect Andromeda.  Another wonderful title.  What little of it they showed just make me think of Destiny though, it felt very generic and stale.  But the good thing about Mass Effect is how huge and varied it is, so I’m sure this one section was just a tiny, tiny slither of the full product.

One of my biggest surprises of the show was a newly announced game from EA called Unravel.  This game looked visually striking and super heart-warming.  It somewhat reminded me of Limbo, judging by the platforming and movement.  I’m totally in support of EA doing something completely different, good on them.


The sports section lasted entirely too long and pulled the conference down as a whole.  They had Pele on stage, which was cool but served absolutely no purpose as far as I’m aware.  Between this and the constant reminder that Frostbite is theirs and is the best thing since John Cena, this conference began to suffer.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst was shown off and looks fun.  I wasn’t a fan of the original Mirrors Edge but I’m glad this new one exist.  I hope it makes a penny or two.

Star Wars Battlefront was the big finale we were all hoping for.  Let me say I had the lowest of expectations and expected a reskinned Battlefield.  To an extent, it was, but I was expecting it to be 60/40 in favor of Battlefield, but this gameplay really came off as 60/40 in Star Wars favor.  The match they showed off looked fun as hell, but makes me wonder how big the map was and what the player count was.  This particular match looked somewhat small, but had a ton of players and aircraft fighting everywhere.  That is exactly what I want this game to be.  Recent Battlefield games really lost me when their maps got so big I would have to spend 3 minutes walking if I wasn’t fortunate enough to get a vehicle.  The third person view looked absolutely fantastic as well, I really want to get my hands on that.

EA had what I would call the worst conference of the day.  It had some cool bits but was so bogged down by things that shouldn’t take up so much time.  I get that sports games are huge, but we know what to expect from them at this point.


Ubisoft led off with what was my biggest surprise of the show to that point, a new South Park game, titled South Park: The Fractured But Whole, which is my new favorite title of E3.  The Stick of Truth was one of my games of the year and if you didn’t get the chance to play it, you need to immediately.  It’s South Park, so you should know what to expect, and I can’t wait to play it.

A brand new title was unveiled in For Honor.  A combat simulator where you play as a viking, samurai, or knight and partake in melee combat against other players.  The demo shown was really awesome, and the gameplay appeared that it could possibly be very intricate and tense.

The Division, of course, peaked its head up again.  I was tired of seeing footage of this game and just wanted to play it, but the demo they showed off here was great.  It showed off how you can’t trust anybody in the world of The Division, your best friend can stab you in the back and steal your loot.  I love the aspect of having to trust other players.  Also, the HUD looked really great and again, the third person perspective looked really good and natural.

A mystery trailer appeared after that, wait, no, it was just a trailer for Rainbow Six: Siege, which looked nothing like what I was expecting.  It was a story trailer and looked pretty interesting.  The HUD really bothered me in this demo, I’m not sure if it was because I had just seen the clean, crisp HUD featured in Battlefront and The Division prior, but it looked really clunky with a ton of symbols on the screen representing… stuff?

Trackman Turbo was shown off and really grabbed my attention.  I’ve been itching for a good series (but not so serious) racer lately, and that looks like it would fit the mold.  It didn’t look like a ton of game though, so the price point could be a make or break for a game like this.

Ubisoft closed their show with a brand new game, Ghost Recon Wasteland.  It looked fine, but also looked like a standard Ubisoft game.  It wasn’t mind-blowing, but I’d play it.

Ubisoft made me pretty excited with their announcements, but it’s hard for me to get too excited by Ubisoft after being burned so bad this last year.




The Last Guardian kicked off the show and looked true to its roots.  It looked really endearing and interesting, but they didn’t show off too much aside from some puzzle solving.  The big thing was the 2016 release date posted at the end.  Let’s hope that last.

Then Guerrilla Games showed off their new game “Horizon Zero Dawn.”  This, like most of this conference, really took me by surprise.  I knew the Guerrilla guys were working on something new but I didn’t expect it to look anything like this.  A third person hunting game against giant mech-dinosaurs and from what little we saw, destructible environments.  Count me in.  I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this new IP.

After a very quick No Man’s Sky demo, we got to see more of the new Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.  EA is making up for their remarks about female game models, as this trailer featured one of the main characters, Evie, who absolutely slayed jerks left and right.  Vicious.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake.  I never thought I’d see it, I really didn’t.  I had a slither of hope for The Last Guardian, but this came way out of left field.  Bravo.

After the FF7 reveal, there was a quick indie game spot, then SHENMUE III.  Sony announced every long-lost game sans Half-Life 3 in this conference.  Talk about a quick way to get on the good side of people.  Although they didn’t announce Shenmue III per se, they announced the Kickstarter.  The goal is $2,000,000 and as of writing this, it sits at $1,522,656 after about 4 hours.  I think it might get funded, guys.

Sony ended the show with Uncharted 4, showing off brand new gameplay.  For the second straight time in Uncharted 4, Sony’s live demo went horribly wrong.  First, Drake fell through the world, and this time the controller stopped working or reading inputs, leaving Drake just standing there for what felt like an eternity.  Eventually, he moved and got into a wild on/off-road escape in a jeep from a tank.  This demo showed off the driving, which was somewhat open, but still linear.  Multiple paths will take you to the same destination is what Naughty Dog later said in an off-stage interview.  It doesn’t seem to be reinventing the wheel for Uncharted games, but it looks like it will be a fun and proper send off for Nathan Drake.  Oh and why would you yell “Heads up!” to a guy you’re about to punch? C’mon Nate.

Sony put on, what I think, is the greatest E3 conference of all time (OK that I’ve seen).  It really did feel unreal at a few parts, and I’m not a huge fan of any of the big 3 announcements.  The only possible downside I saw was that there were few announcements for this year.  I would have preferred Persona 5, but that’s not something they’d dedicate much time to at an E3.  It’ll definitely be at TGS though.

I’m not sure how it can get any better from here, but I’m almost positive it will tomorrow morning during Nintendo’s show.  Followed by Square Enix show which I’m really excited for.  Deus Ex in particular, and as much as I hate to admit it, I’d like to know some more about the new Kingdom Hearts.  For research sake. Stay tuned!


E3 2015 Day 00 Thoughts (Nintendo Championship, Bethesda)

E3 started a few hours early this year with the returning Nintendo Championship and the first ever Bethesda E3 conference.  A few things caught my eye, so let’s dig into it.

Nintendo kicked off their Nintendo Championship by announcing the new (old?) Earthbound: Beginnings.  Not only did they announce it, but they announced it would be available tonight on the e-shop.  Sadly, the original Earthbound is sitting on my Wii U, unplayed, I should get to that.  So this announcement doesn’t mean a ton to me, personally, but I’m happy for the huge amount of Earthbound fans who have been ignored for so long.  Also, “available now” announcements always make me happy, no matter what.

The Nintendo Championship ended with a race on the newly unveiled Super Mario Maker.  Man, this game.  When it was announced last year, Nintendo only showed a few seconds of footage, and left me feeling uncertain.  Yeah, the idea of a Super Mario game that you make yourself sounds great, but what are the limitations?  Tonight, it appeared that there were few to no limitations on Super Mario Maker which is exactly what it needs to be.  There appeared to be totally new mechanics also, like the ability to create your own power-ups and possibly some RNG built into blocks.  I hope we see more of this at Nintendo’s conference on Tuesday.

That’s about it as far as eye-catching things Nintendo showed off at their championship.  There was a new 3DS mech-sports game that looked like Metroid Prime Hunters, but wasn’t anything to write home about.  The event itself was great, though.  I really hope Nintendo does this again next year.  It was a really fun event to watch and get behind.  It felt like an intro level to e-sports.  Also, it makes Nintendo feel cool again.  It feels like they enjoy interacting with their fans and doing fun events like this, which is the kind of publicity Nintendo needs.

After a quick bathroom break it was time for Bethesda’s first ever E3 conference.

Bethesda started the show off with Doom, showcasing the gore and speed.  I wasn’t too impressed by this demo, it had its moments, but as of right now it looks like a pass for me.  The demo they showed didn’t look entirely different from any other FPS out there right now.  Doom will have something called “Snapmap” built into it, which allows players to make their own levels (like Super Mario Maker!).  This looked quite impressive and was the highlight of the demo for me.

Soon after Doom, Bethesda finally spilled the beans on the accidentally leaked Dishonored 2.  They showed off a video containing no gameplay.  The video followed your assassin around as they used special powers that reminded me of Infamous mixed with The Darkness.  Then it’s revealed that your character is a female, I believe from the first Dishonored (which I never played, more on that shortly).  You have the option to play as this female, or another character in the story, which I really like.  It’s been a while since a game has let you choose a character for the story mode.  It reminded me of the Resident Evil glory days.  After that, they announced a Dishonored Definitive Edition, which I’m very excited for.  Dishonored Definitive Edition will be out this fall for PS4 and Xbox One, and compile the original game, along with all the DLC.  I always wanted to play Dishonored, but it came out at such a weird time that I never got around to it.  I can’t wait to pick it up.

Then finally, after a short tease, they got to the juicy stuff.

Fallout 4 was demoed as they walked us through the entire opening section of the game, through the brand new character creator, which looked absolutely fantastic, the distribution of your attributes and finally, seeing the nuclear explosion that set up the world of Fallout.  The character models instantly jumped out at me since that was one of my complaints with Fallout 3, they looked drastically better.  While I’m sure this demo was being run on a high-grade PC, I have high expectations the next-gen versions of the game will look similar.  A few things I took away from the demo was how great the setting looked, including Fenway Park being turned into what looked like a giant safe haven.  A redesigned Pip-Boy UI complete with mini-games was featured.  Not to mention, the weapon select screen in the Pip-Boy rotates your weapons around à la 007 Goldeneye.  There was even a Pip-Boy second screen app announced, which looked funny when it was fitted on the replica Pip-Boy, available with the collectors edition.  At the end of the day, it’s a second screen experience, so take that how you will. Then a new mechanic was shown off, the ability to build and create your own bases.  This is something we probably should have seen coming, with the explosion of survival/crafting games out now, but it was still a pretty big surprise to me.  Along with that is the ability to build and customize your weapons and armor in over 500 different ways.  That’s exciting.  Early in the demo I began to grow concerned because the shooting and V.A.T.S. system looked relatively unchanged.  However, it was stated that the combat is “perfect” and the demo shown later made me feel much better as the player finally aimed down the sights!  It was also said that the game was built to cater to both first person and third person perspectives, which was music to my ears as a huge fan of the third person perspective.  Fallout 4 will have a November 10th release date.  Earlier in the day I predicted a November 28th release, I feel like I’m owed some sort of consolation.  A mobile game was also announced in Fallout Shelter, which is available on iOS right now.  Again, I’m a huge fan of “right now” announcements, so that’s great.

A pretty great day zero to say the least.  The Nintendo Championship was absolutely fantastic and the Bethesda show made up for a dull start with an amazing finish and reveal.  It’s only just beginning though, as the real fun starts tomorrow.  Be sure to stay tuned, as I’ll have a blog recapping tomorrows events after they happen.

Jurassic World Spoiler-Free Review

Let me begin by saying I had originally planned on watching the Jurassic Park trilogy before watching this latest installment, and honestly, didn’t even plan on typing up a review.  Then I read the reviews for Jurassic World.  It seemed like almost every review I read insisted on comparing Jurassic World to the original masterpiece, Jurassic Park.  I thought that was unfair.  So I wanted to offer a different perspective and give Jurassic World a fair shake.  I definitely do have nostalgia regarding the original film, but it has been years since I’ve last seen it in full.  Sure, I have a few scenes from it memorized, but the movie isn’t freshly on my mind and wasn’t while I was watching Jurassic World.

Let’s start with the good.  The moment I saw the attraction that is Jurassic World, I felt like I was part of something really special.  The island looked stunning, and the more of it they showed, the more I wished it was real and I could go.  I can’t remember a movie setting more engrossing in recent memory than that of Jurassic World.  The entire island felt alive and not too far-fetched, as it made great use of technology that made me think, “Okay, I could see that happening.”

The score played a huge role in the movie and added to the captivation of the island.  It added to that feeling of being a part of something special, and helped me feel like I was there.

Going into the movie I was quite uncertain about Chris Pratt in a serious role, as I thought the trailers portrayed him.  I’m glad to say that his character wasn’t as serious as I thought it would be, as he managed to work his charm into a few scenes.  He made a really great main character, and was easy to get behind and root for.

That flows perfectly into the not so good of the movie.

Bryce Dallas Howard.  Along with my uncertainties with Chris Pratt, I felt the same thing with Bryce Dallas Howard.  Where Pratt knocked the ball out of the park, Howard was in the wrong stadium altogether.  She felt out of place the entire movie, and judging from her delivery, sounded like it as well.  I can’t place the entire blame on her though, as her character, Claire Dearing, was the pits.  She was the antithesis of Pratt’s Owen Grady.  The first scene she’s featured in, she comes off as unlikable, and she never rebounded from that for me.  As a main character she felt hollow and questionable, with way too many “why?” moments.

Howard wasn’t the only one to be plagued by a poor character, as I found nearly every character in the movie to be unlikable.  The only tolerable characters were Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), Barry (Omar Sy), and Lowery (Jake Johnson).  The latter two being scarcely used throughout the film, mostly as vessels for vague exposition and comic relief, respectively.  I know a movie is supposed to have “bad guys,” but in Jurassic World, it was never made clear.  While I was watching it I thought, “Okay so there’s the bad guy, wait no that’s the bad guy. Oh, here’s the bad guy.”  The antagonist debacle was very poorly slopped together and I wish they would have scrapped it in favor of relying on the dinosaurs as foils. On top of that, when there is finally a clear antagonist, his motive and origin is a mystery, and not a good one.  The character was not properly explained or justified, and it left me saying “yeah, okay, I guess.”

The movie featured so many generic tropes that brought it down.  The young child who just so happened to be incredibly intelligent.  The older teenage brother with a devil-may-care attitude.  The mad scientist who did his own thing.  The greedy, selfish mogul who only cared about making a buck.

Then there are parts that are just silly.  Bryce Dallas Howard manages to make it through the entire movie, running from gigantic dinosaurs while wearing a skirt and high heels.  It wouldn’t bug me so much, but at one point, Owen Grady mentioned her trekking through the woods in high heels, only for it to be ignored completely.

This sort of incoherency continued as the film went on, but I’ll avoid explaining it for risk of spoilers.

The amount of product placement rivals any Michael Bay movie I have seen, and may have shown up more than dinosaurs actually did in the film.

Generic tropes, head-scratching and horrendous characters withstanding, I feel like Jurassic World should be experienced at least once.  So long as you turn off your brain and try to enjoy it for what it is, a summer popcorn flick.  A let-down at that, especially when placed during a fantastic summer that has given us Age of Ultron and Mad Max, but if you’re itching for a big dumb movie to take you on a ride, it will get the job done.


+ Chris Pratt’s wonderful performance.

+ The unforgettable and riveting setting.

Nearly every character in the movie.

The need for an antagonist that is not 50 feet.

Generic blandness and fallacies that should not occur.

Gaming Confessions

Fallout 3 is a landmark title in gaming. It gave players an open world full of endless possibilities, the likes of which had never been seen before. The world was huge, unpredictable, and unique, which kept players returning to it for hours and hours. Fallout 3 will always be remembered as one of the most definitive gaming experiences of its time.  I respect Bethesda and the amazing game they put together, and yet…

I do not like Fallout 3.

While I know I am not the only person out there who didn’t like Fallout 3, we are definitely in the minority.  Hearing all of my friends stories made me glad that they enjoy the game, and are able to make these great memories.  Hell, it even inspired me to pick it up and play it numerous times.  Sadly, I inevitably always fell uninterested in the game.  But why?  I managed to narrow it down to three main reasons…

  1. The Design

Let me preface this by saying I am in no way a stickler for life-like, amazing graphics and animations, but the design just managed to get under my skin in Fallout 3.  The human characters always looked off, which actually inspired me to play more as I wanted to get decent gear to cover myself up as quick as possible.  The limb exploding was a novel concept, but resembled a crushed cherry more than an exploding limb, which broke immersion for me.  The color palette repelled my eyes, different hues of yellow, everywhere.  Fallout 3 really was a victim of the times when it comes to the single, dull color palette curse though, as most games were going through the exact same thing during this period (sadly, some still do).

2.  The World/Story

I absolutely loved the beginning moments of Fallout 3.  Being a baby, celebrating your birthday, getting your first Pip-Boy and so on.  That is still a great idea that I wish more games would learn from.  Shortly after that is when Fallout 3 began to lose me.  The moment you leave Vault 101 you are met by the near-endless world that Fallout 3 has to offer, free to explore anywhere you may wish.  That’s my problem.  I love open world games and have been playing them for 15 years, but there’s something about Fallout 3 that was just too open for my taste.  I got lost.  I went where I shouldn’t. I died. A lot.  The amount of side-quests had me losing sight of the main quest, and I got confused to which quest my current objective is benefitting.

3.  Combat

I don’t think Fallout 3 is a bad game, there are just things that don’t click or connect with me.  I think the only absolute bad thing that I experienced in my time was the combat.  The shooting felt absolutely awful, making V.A.T.S. an absolute necessity if I wanted to survive.  A fun, but slow mechanic that needed to be used way too often.  It broke the pacing of the game and just made combat feel like a chore.  Far too often I found myself out of ammo, or with the wrong type of ammo, which resulted in me having to use melee combat, which didn’t end well.  I did play a bit of New Vegas, and I’ll say that improved it tremendously, but it was still far from perfect.

That said, I cannot wait to get my hands on Fallout 4.

I’m excited to see what Bethesda has planned with the power of the new consoles.  It really seems like their vision for a game could benefit on more powerful hardware.  I really hope they’re using a new engine, or at least a severely updated version of the original game engine to improve the minor annoyances I had with Fallout 3.  As noted earlier, the problems I had with the coloring of Fallout 3 were possibly due to the times, and Fallout 4 already looks to be a more colorful game just by judging the one trailer.  Since the release of Fallout 3, the shooting mechanic in games has become a gimme.  Even the worst of movie licensed games can get it right, so I’m confident that Bethesda will have a reworked, fluid shooting mechanic in place.  I can’t imagine the world of Fallout 4 being much larger than it’s predecessor, but I really do hope they focus on making the game as stable as possible as opposed to as large as possible.

I don’t think I would normally have given Fallout 4 a chance, after being let down by Fallout 3 so many times.  However, earlier this year I had another situation similar to this very one.  I have never been a fan of the Legend of Zelda series.  I’ve played every Legend of Zelda game that I could get my hands on, multiple times, but never been able to get remotely interested.  The world, characters, and gameplay just turned me off, sound familiar?  Then, on a whim, I decided to pick up Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for my newly purchased Wii U.  I had played Wind Waker when it originally came out on the Gamecube, but like it’s brothers, it didn’t resonate.  The Wind Waker HD hit me at the right place and time, as I’m currently working on the resolution of it after 40 hours.  I’m interested to explore more of the Legend of Zelda series, now that I’ve gotten that first foot in the door.

E3 2015 Predictions

Finally, it’s that time of year again.  Time for me to pull predictions out of thin air and hope they magically come to fruition so that I feel a little bit better about myself.  As I look over my notes from last year’s predictions, the only one I was off on was Microsoft mentioning Gears of War and Sony announcing an Infamous Vita game.  Granted, I did play it quite safe last year.  I tried to be a bit more ambitious this year, considering this is my first prediction that will be posted online.  I’m only focusing on Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, but I’ll add an “other” category for everything else.


Honestly, I’m a little clueless on what to expect from Microsoft.  The one solid bet I had and something I was looking forward to was learning more about Quantum Break.  Then, of course, it was announced that it will be skipping E3 this year and be shown at Gamescom.  I’m really curious what is in store for that game since it was marketed to be so involved with a television series by the now defunct Xbox TV team.

Gears of War HD Collection will definitely show up, given all the leaks, but they’ll announce a new, formal Gears game for Xbox One as well.  Nothing more than a title card though.

Halo, Halo, Halo.

Rumors are circulating around a new title being announced by Platinum, it’d fit good in the Microsoft presser.

With Windows 10 coming, Microsoft will find a way to work it in with the Xbox crowd, in a cool, but useless way.

I’ve somewhat distanced myself from Microsoft in the last few years, if you couldn’t tell by my “predictions.”  Their conferences have been flat and they really have nothing to show for it.  They have the most to gain in their presser, so I’m looking forward to it.



But no seriously, this is the year, right?  Last year there was a ton going on involving the game, with someone stating it was dead, then Shu stating it wasn’t, right before E3.  I could see that encouraging Sony to throw something out there to show it’s alive and well, especially since nobody expects it again and it’d shock the world.  Nevermind, I changed my mind, it will never happen.

Titanfall 2 will be announced on the Sony stage.  It won’t be exclusive, but Sony will be making a statement by revealing it to the world on their stage.

Sony dropping the Vita to a ridiculous price and committing to marketing it as a PS4 accessory.

PS Now catalogue expanding to Playstation 2 titles.

PS4 system update that includes access to PS Classics.  Chalk this one up as wishful thinking, more than a prediction.  It was a bummer discovering the PS4 didn’t have access to the classics.  With the announcement during the Playstation Experience that a new version of FFVII is coming to the PS4 with trophies, it makes it seem like the originals won’t be making the leap unless they receive this sort of special treatment.

I expect Sony to keep applying the pressure they have been in previous years at E3.  I’m afraid their movie studio will play a larger role this year with the upcoming Ratchet and Clank movie.


Oh boy, Nintendo.  I will say I really enjoyed their digital event last year.  I like new Nintendo, embracing the ability to be different.

They’ll give us an actual name for the new Zelda and a lengthy demo.  Just to assure us things aren’t burning down since they had to delay it.

Ditto for Star Fox, but the big reveal will be that it releases this holiday.  Please have a good online component.

Pokemon Wii U.  Okay, maybe just a new one for 3DS.

An all new, original Mario game.  Mario was completely absent from Nintendo’s event last year, so he’ll return in big fashion this year.

More Xenoblade, please!

It’s really difficult to predict what Nintendo will show, given that they have made such a big deal out of their random Nintendo Direct shows.  Nintendo doesn’t really need E3 to announce things at this point.


As soon as I saw the Fallout 4 trailer I felt that it had to come out this year.  Now there are tons of rumors and retailers leaking that it is indeed due out this year, so I expect that to be a huge announcement.

Star Wars Battlefront and/or Rainbow Six Siege will get alpha/beta demos soon, maybe exclusive to one of the consoles.

The Division gameplay featuring actors.

Release dates for Mirror’s Edge and Kingdom Hearts.

Valve will show off their home stuff.

As always, E3 is going to be a blast to watch.  The biggest reveals are already out in the open it seems, so I really don’t expect any mouth dropping moments.  I’ll be sure to update during E3 containing some of my thoughts about the news and updates, so stay tuned.